Patch Notes                                                                                                                                                          



  • Store shows now owned items again
    • Before we noted that if you owned an item and used it in the scene you couldn’t buy/see the item again - this has been corrected
  • AutoRun off, when manual movement key pressed
  • When jumping repeatedly in an enclosed space it's possible to get your character's position far enough below the floor geo while the collider's still above the geo. This resulted in characters getting stuck in jumping position because they never "reached the ground" even though their collider was resting on the floor.  
    • So this is where you can get stuck in the falling animation when jumping in an enclosed space
  • Users ignoring each other will no longer be able to see each other's chat
  • Social window UI fixes
    • Fixed the issue where friends list wouldn’t show
  • Trigger volumes now trigger
  • Fixed the invisible water issue on Paradise Pier
  • Fixed the issue where Anti-Aliasing wouldn’t apply immediately when applied
  • Added some text in the key bindings that shows how to bind special keys (Shift Ctrl and Alt)
  • The “Move to” option now doesn’t locate you outside of the world if you moved to a person near an edge
  • Upped the scaling factor on Volume/Collider arrow manipulators
  • StatisticsPanel displays camera position instead of avatar position when in FlyCam


  • Made it possible for property owners to use /bci /bcs /bcw commands in their properties. Added chat slash command help for broadcast commands for property and world owners (only shows inside your property).
    • These are broadcasting commands that allow you to broadcast messages in your scenes
    • /bcs gives a message out to all current dimensions in your scene and /bci lets you send a message out to your current scene