Announcement Forums – Patch – May 08th, 2018

We’re glad to have quite an impressive list of patch notes for you today! As always, thank you to everyone who submitted bugs and reported issues (and those who continue to!), it certainly helps us prioritize and address the ones that are removing from the fun!

Without any more hesitation, here we go:


•Replaced the auto name tag and no name tag text with more apparent text in the title manager

•Lighting of the scene no longer affects the change room in customize character screen

•Fixed a persona creation bug where it would fail to create a persona

•Object Creator Categories UI has been fixed

•Fixed Bartender addon


•Fixed an issue where world chat would show more notifications than it should

•Non-VIPs can now whisper QA Vols


•Tooltip in the property manager for travelling to a property was bugged. It read "Enter Running Mode...". it now reads "Travel there now..."

•Curio login screen is now aligned properly (comes out of a 'person' icon as opposed to the 'sound’ icon)

•Cursor image gets stuck on certain cursors - has been solved

•Names no longer overlap each other when in an interaction with someone

•Numb pad enter now works in shopping mall

•Store UI now lets items be put into cart

•Add-ons extra screen have been removed


•Jumping in an enclosed space (hitting the roof of something) can get you stuck in falling animation has been fixed

•Sex Bot/Player will not levitate above the bed when entering the bed [the poltergeist-effect has been exorcised]

•Bumping into collisions while in scene edit will no longer send the user flying [sorry, Super-Man/Wonder Woman]

•Fixed the Friendly hug / Kiss interaction so it ends properly

•Jumping while sprinting doesn’t slow you down anymore

•Drinks are now able to be tossed out again

•Poles not useable by users in Passion Pit have been fixed [get back out there!]

•Issues occurring when viewing someone stage dancing has been resolved

•Drifting avatars issue have been addressed – [no invisible skaters anymore!]


•Fixed an issue on Paradise Pier and Welcome Tower where the camera would clip out other objects in the area

•Throwing away the drink into the trash in Night Candy and Night Stick is now fixed

•Bartender on Paradise Pier gives 2 notifications when ordering a drink -has been fixed

•Option where the cache data files can be put in a chosen destination

•Fixed an issue where a character would get ghost eyes

•Syncing issue where a user would run in place on your screen but there standing on theirs has been fixed

•Fix for an edge case of not clearing cache properly

So ends our list of the fixes and adjustments made during this patch! Stay tuned for more improvements coming in the next patch phase! Have a wonderful day!

The Utherverse Team