Bug Fixes:

  • Scaling Props:
    There was a bug that would make props un-able to scale.

  • Negative Numbers: 
    There was a bug where you were unable to change properties with negative numbers.

  • Scenes / Clothing that you couldn’t buy: 
    There was a bug that a scene or a clothing article that was on sale but you couldn’t add it to your cart. 

  • Scaling of UI windows: 
    Any shopping mall scaling was a bit wonky before as it scaled horizontally and not vertically. 

  • Added a way to remove name tags: 
    What was happening before is, if you were say a WG and you had that tag on, there was no way to remove that tag. 

  • Physics on Props: 
    When adding a prop into a scene it would initially have physics and would collide with the geometry of the scene or other props.

  • Using enter to confirm your login credentials:
    Before you had to click on the login button, now you can hit enter.

  • Audio not playing when it should:
    We fixed a bug where the audio would either stop playing or keep playing when it shouldn't.


  • Loading avatars is now faster:
    We have reduced the load time of avatars when first entering the scene.

  • Loading props is now faster:
    We have reduced the load time of props when first entering a scene or entering scene edit.