Patch Notes

Bug fixes

  • Duplicated prop properties not saving in scene edit
    • When duplicating a prop the properties would not save when publishing this has been fixed
  • Viewing showrooms does not close the property store page
    • Now when viewing show rooms the store closes when entering the scene.
  • Voice chat
    • Voice chat now has a rebind able key in the key bindings tab

Virtual Reality

  • We have added some features for VR users,
    • Selectable: Some Objects around the world are now selectable, for example, you can now select the travel icon to change scenes and not have to leave VR

    • Grabbable: In scene edit you can now mark props as “Grabbable” so that you can pick up props while in the scene and move them to different locations

    • Physics: We can now allow props to have physics to props while in scene edit so users in VR and even users not in VR can knock into stuff
      • Warning: If you apply physics to a object without a collider it will fall through the world