Inventory / Trading

We have added a new inventory / Trading system to curio. Here is how you use it.


The inventory is split into 2. Personal and Local.

Personal: Is the inventory that you carry everywhere, it can store props and clothing in this inventory and is what you use to trade. To access the personal inventory press I or change the key binding in the preferences tab.

Local: This is strictly for props and can only be accessed in scene edit. If you have more than one person working on a scene in scene edit the props will be split up in tabs. With the shared tab that everyone can use but not take props from. Press alt + i to access the local inventory in scene edit or change the key binding in the preferences tab.

To delete props from the personal inventory simply drag them off the inventory and a notification should appear in the bottom right asking if you are sure you want to delete.

The local inventory can be accessed to everyone who is working on a specific scene while in scene edit. It is used to distribute props so others can use, there could be multiple tabs in the local inventory for each user working on a scene in scene edit. The shared tab has props that can be accessed by everyone in the scene, each user has their own tab for their personal props that only that user has access to use.

If you are adding in props to a scene in scene edit then remove the prop from the local inventory don't worry the props are still in the scene, they will just be invisible until you add them back to the local inventory. Most times removing/adding props in the local inventory will not take affect until you refresh the scene.

Props that are purchased in the prop store can be moved from the local inventory to the personal inventory so that you can trade/sell these props to other users.


You are now able to trade items while in curio, you can simple right click on a user and open trade or drag and item from your personal inventory on the user you want to trade with. You can trade items such as clothing and props, you can even trade/exchange rays. Both you and the person you are trading with must be in the same scene to open a trade.