Patch Notes                                                                                                                                                              

Bug fixes


Stage Dancing / Pole Dancing 

  • We have added a smoother transition between stage dancing and pole dancing

Clothing Mall Optimization 

  • The clothing mall has been optimized so searches will take shorter time and loading pages


Clothing Designer not changing the names of clothing

  • The clothing designer had a bug in which newly created clothing would stay as its default name and would not change. This is fixed


Scene edit, Yellow selection 

  • When selecting water or a trigger volume in scene edit, the selection colour would reflect all other objects and would look weird. This is fixed


Report Abuse 

  • The report abuse menu had some issues with positioning of the text and scaling of the window. This is fixed

Mac Bug List 


Browse button will not open

  • This has finally been fixed! In the clothing designer, you are now able to use the browse button to select the textures for clothing.

Scaling arrows only work in free cam

  • In scene edit the only way to use the scaling arrows on props was to be in free cam. This Is now fixed




Inventory System 

  • We have added in a new inventory system and a trading system into curio. To read about how it works please visit the knowledge base page HERE


Transaction Fee

  • As the development of the game gets further along we are going to begin implementing systems to ensure the longevity of the game. There will be a 15% transaction fee added to properties, the clothing store, and the object store. We won't be adding an additional fee but taking it from the original price.