KIIROO and Red Light Center have teamed up for a totally new, totally sexy virtual experience!

By using Kiiroo’s Onyx device, every intimate move an avatar on makes can be experienced by the flesh-and-blood player.

How To Use Your Onyx Device in Red Light Center

Make sure you've purchased your KIIROO Onyx and Register with KIIROO registered your product.

Make sure you Create your avatar! Have a persona in Red Light Center

Plug the Bluetooth reader into your USB port

Log in to the Red Light Center virtual world and visit any location where sex is enabled

Red Light Center will automatically search for and connect to your device

How to Have Sex

Initiate sex with your partner - A new KIIROO sign should appear. When the checkmark appears, you're connected!

Every sex stroke will now cause your Onyx device to respond with different variations of rhythm.