If you are experiencing any bugs or problems in RLC 2 we encourage you to let us know by submitting a ticket to our support staff. 

Some things that you will need to submit a ticket. 


1. A description of the problems that you’re experiencing. Let us know as many details as you can. Send us screenshots of the problem occurring. If you are using Windows, it has a Snipping tool which can be found by searching for “Snipping Tool” in the Windows search bar.  

2. Provide a Dxdiag. Dxdiag is a diagnostic program that is on most Windows systems. It will let us know about the hardware in the computer. This allows us to assess problems that could be caused with some computer hardware. An example of this is that some of the older graphic cards are not compatible with different versions of DirectX.  

To run the Dxdiag search it in the windows search.  


Once the program is done save the information and submit it with the ticket.  


For Macs you can get almost the same results if you use the Apple System Profiler. To do this open the Utilities folder within the application folder and find the Apple System Profiler in there.  


3. The output log should be sent in as well. To get to the output log first you will need to be able to view hidden files in the file explorer. To do this first open up the file explorer to any location it does not matter were. Once open, at the top under view should be a box that reads “Hidden Files”. Check mark that box and you will be able to view hidden files.  


Once you can view hidden files head over to the C drive in the file explorer. Open up the file “Program Data” then “The Virtual World Web Inc” Once open head into “Curio” folder then “Curio_Data”. Once opened the output log should       be a text document called “output_log”.


Or another way of finding the folder Is copying this into the address bar of the file explorer:  

C:\Users\{User Name}\AppData\Local\The Virtual World Web Inc\Curio\Application\Curio_Data

Once opened the output log should be a text document called “output_log”, take a copy of this and send this in the ticket. 


For Macs it is a little different, the output log is called the “player log”. To locate this navigate the following: from the user folder click on the folder for your user account, find the folder Library, then Logs, then Unity. Here you will find the player log. Take a copy and submit it with the ticket. 


Important: It is important that you do not clear or restart the game. Restarting the game will erase the previous logs and lose the information that we need  


When you have all of this information you are ready to submit and send a ticket. To do this click on the “New Support Ticket” on support.redlightcenter.com


Or click the link here.