VOIP is on Live in an Alpha state! It still has a few known bugs as we will need more input. Currently known bugs are:

  • Disabling requires a restart of the Curio Client. If you want to turn off voice chat, disable it in      the preferences then restart curio.
  • If Voice is enabled in one region (like Red's), then you move to another region, you will not be     heard by other voice users in the new region. To fix this, you must start Curio in the region you wish to VOIP in.
  • Ignoring someone does not currently work in voice chat. Which means if you add or have             someone on your ignore list you will still be able to hear them in voice chat.
  • Currently you cannot change the mic/speaker defaults, you must do so by changing the     mic/speaker defaults in your playback/recording devices.

For more information on the voice click here!


VR is back and improved! If you have a VR headset, please use F12 to change to VR view mode, and check out our VR rooms!

For more information about VR click here!