Voice chat is the ability to talk through a microphone and have people be able to hear what you are saying. Anyone with some speakers or headphones and a mic is able to use the voice chat.

To access voice chat enter the preference menu by clicking the gear symbol in the top right of the curio client.


From there you can see a tab that says “Voice”, from there you are able to enable voice and voice chat icons, change volumes, change the which mic or speakers that will be used. You can also test your mic just to yourself



Once enabled you can talk to other people that have voice chat enabled by pressing V.

Disclaimer: Voice chat is in alpha testing currently, if you find any bugs please contact QA@utherverse.com.

The current bugs that are known with the voice chat are:

-Disabling requires a restart of the Curio Client. Which means if you want to turn off voice chat, disable it in the preferences then restart curio.

- If Voice is enabled in one region (like Reds), then the user moves to another region, they will not be heard by other voice users in the new region.

-Ignoring someone does not currently work in voice chat. Which means if you add or have someone on your ignore list you will still be able to hear them in voice chat.

-Currently you cannot change the mic/speaker defaults in the preferences, you can do so by changing the mic/speaker defaults in your playback/recording devices.