The preferences tab is the under the gear icon in the top right corner of the Curio client. 


Customize your Curio experience by adjusting your browser preferences:


Remember Last Region:

Check this box if you would like to return to the region you logged out from when you log back in

Use Curio WebBrowser:

Checking this box will open web links in a new Curio tab instead of your computer’s default browser


Notify me when:

Check boxes to receive notifications for each type of occurrence

This drop box changes the language of the Curio client.




You can toggle volumes for different parts of the virtual world and interface using the sliders

Master Volume:

This adjusts ALL volumes simultaneously



These are the sounds you hear around you in an environment. Things like water/fountains, wind, birds, etc.


These are sounds made by interacting with objects. Examples would be opening doors or turning on a shower


This adjusts the volume of streaming media such as a radio station or live DJ stream

User Interface:

These are sounds that happen when you click a button, open a menu or receive a notification


(coming soon)


(coming soon)

Mute All:

Allows you to shut down all sound generated by the virtual world and browser.




Use the drop-down menu to select the quality of graphics you'd like. A lower settings is better for older/slower computers


Softens the edges of models

Ambient Occlusion:

Gives you ambient shadows in the corners of crevices

Contrast Enhance:

Gives you more color contrast for a more dynamic range of color


Adds a glowing effect on illuminated objects and lights


Blur happens when drunk or stoned or when you bring up a menu

Depth of Field:

Simulates a camera focus on a specific range or object (focused foregrounds, blurry distance)


Zoom & Sensitivity:

Move the sliders to adjust the Max Camera Zoom and Zoom Sensitivity

Doubleclick Pathing:

Checking this allows you to double click the ground to have your avatar walk there automatically


Joystick Camera Rotation Speed:

Use the slider to adjust



Cache Path

Click the "Browse" button to select a Cache Path.




This window displays all the exception JavaScript errors. 


Switch Persona

Click this to change to a different persona registered with your account. You will be taken to the persona selection screen. 


Log Out

Click this to log out of your account. You will be taken to the login screen. 

If you quit Curio after logging out you will have to manually re-enter your username and password next time you launch the browser.


Click this to exit and close Curio. The Curio application automatically closes and no confirmation message is presented. 

Unlike ‘Log Out’, the ‘Quit’ action retains your login preferences. If you have selected the ‘Save Password’ or ‘Keep me logged in’ options, they will be remembered next time you open the browser.


Just press the F5 key to refresh the browser and reload the area your avatar is visiting. 


Click the speaker icon in the upper right of the Curio browser bar to open the volume settings. Drag the slider to adjust the volume up or down.