Our current plan is to design the Deco System the same way we designed the Clothing system.

Part 1 - Uploading Custom Objects

Members will be able to upload props they created for their own use OR to be listed in the Object Mall. Later on prop creators will be able to define what can and can not be done with their creations: changing materials, resizing, using them for deco work, etc. This part of the system most likely will be the first one to get developed.

Part 2 - Uploading Scenes

Members will be able to upload their own scenes for personal use and to be listed in the catalog. As with props, it will be up to a scene creator to enable or disable certain settings for the room. This part of the system will most likely be developed last.

Part 3 - Deco Showrooms

Decorators will be able to make room designs using props from the mall and scenes from the catalog without paying for any assets. The same way as a clothing designer can 'borrow' a mesh to add a texture, decorators will be able to 'borrow' props and scenes to put together a design, or 'Showroom', which can then be shown to their clients. If a client likes the design and decides to purchase it, at that point all three content creators get paid (prop creator, scene creator, and decorator).

Showrooms will not be able to be used for any other purpose.If a decorator decides to keep a copy of the room for their self, they can skip the fee they usually charge for their own work, but the other two parties involved will still be paid their cuts.

As mentioned earlier, it will be up to individual prop and scene creators whether to let decorators use their items for creating showrooms. Making your work available, though, is very much encouraged as it contributes to the idea of member-driven economy that benefits everybody involved:

  •  Customers get a wide selection of items with different degree of uniqueness and customization. 
  •  Prop creators and decorators can run all kinds of cross promotions, including but not limited to Deco Studios that offer designs  featuring limited edition of even one of a kind objects, layouts, and behaviors.
  •  Prop creators can get their work additionally marketed by the decorators. 
  •  Prop creators and scene creators get paid every time a decorator's design is sold.
  •  Decorators have a wide variety of cool assets to work with.

We are still figuring out in which order these parts will be implemented, so what you see here is our best guess based on the current situation.

Stay tuned, we will share updates to this plan as they become available!