Bugs Fixed

  • Talking While Typing – waving while saying every short sentence is gone.
  • Loading screen and Browsers not hiding with Hiding UI shortcut key

New Features

·New Scene Editor addons:

  •   Exposed Light Properties – Effect, EffectIntensity, EffectPhaseShift, and EffectSpeed
  •  Ability to move to a VWW URL using a Trigger Volume (link to Tutorial)
  •  The ability to Clockwise or Counter Clockwise rotate an object
  •  Ability to create a Strobe Light, Flickering Light, or Fading Light
  •  A tickbox to decide for High Quality Textures Learn about MipMaps here!

Client Localization Currently only English and Russian, but this does give us the ability to expand it.

Scene Edit Ability to either move an object to the location of the persona, or move a persona to the location of the object

Ability to delete Outfits under Clothing Customize

Emission Strength: not everything will have it, but the items that do will be able to be edited.

Object Mall now displays your Ray Balance in the top left hand corner.

You can Rename your Layouts in Scene Edit. Except for the Default Layout.