Using a Trigger Volume for VWW URL Teleport.

1. Create the Trigger Volume. These are under Scene Tab, Addon +, as you can see below, Trigger Volume.

2. Under the Selection menu, select the Volume. Click the gear, and Add Addon

3. Select ‘Teleport’

4.The Teleport Menu gives you the options for a Title, Destination, and Startpoint.

Under Destination, you’d place the URL. It can be done either as vww://, or simple /bordello. The Destination will take into account the vww:// if it’s not added, but if you are going to another property in your personal world, you will need that location (example: /u/Daun/TestScene, instead of using /TestScene).

If you have more than 1 startpoint at a location, you can either add the name under Startpoint, or add it to the end of your url with a # in front of it. DO NOT DO BOTH.