RLC 2.0


How to get out of full screen mode

If you hold down shift while launching Curio, a settings menu will appear. From there you are able to change the resolution and if Curio will run in windowed mode or not.

On a Mac, hold down the Alt key while launching Curio instead of the Shift key


Ground lighting will there be a way to turn down emission for this no matter weather effects night or day ground lighting stay same like to turn lighting down some on this if possible

For weather effects like night-time, or other lighting effects like dawn or dusk, scenes that are intended to use them need reflection probes or to disable ambient lighting when they are created. As some 3rd party scenes were created without reflection probes or with ambient lighting enabled, we are unable to alter them to better fit with the weather effects. For more information on how Unity works with different lighting, you may read more about it HERE

Known affected scenes are the Foundations and Varykino.

Great we have staff colored Chat! Woohoo. When are the volunteers getting their chat color?

We have now added coloured chat for the volunteers - their text is yellow!


I'd like to buy a body kit so I can make clothing meshes, b3I was told licenses aren't for sale anymore. Will this be available again in the future, please?

We currently have a limited amount of character packs for sale, make sure to follow this link if you want to apply: http://support.redlightcenter.com/support/solutions/articles/19000003732-designer-kit


I saw on the forums recently someone posted a comparison of RLC features to RLC 2 features. It is possible to get a list created by staff so we can know it is correct?

Thank you for asking! We're working on an easy-to-read and compare version intended for release!


I also wonder if you have a rigged skeleton, I can use to make my own clothes? I guess I need the rigged skeleton or biped though make the skin modifier work.

Yes, we do have a rigged skeleton in our character pack that is currently for sale, check out this link here for more information and how to apply.


When do you plan to make it possible for creators like me, to be able to upload my own clothes.

 If you mean clothing meshes, you will need a character pack, which can be purchased by following the directions HERE  

If you just want to make textures for clothing meshes already available, you can learn more about that HERE 


RLC Classic

Como hago para encontrar solo gente de mi pais? es posible esto?soy nuevo en RLC

(How can I do to find only people from my country?? is this possible? I am new in RLC) 

There is a dimension zone tab underneath your character, from there you are able to see what other dimensions there are in the zone you are currently in.

In that same menu you can join other dimensions if you want by clicking on them. You will automatically go to the dimension that your language is set at. For example, if my language is set to English I will by default go to English dimensions. If my language was French it would by default go to French dimensions



Where can I download the client from?

RLC Classic: You can download the client HERE.

RLC 2.0: You can download the client from HERE


Sorry there is someone who tells me how to take rays and how to become vip or if there is a welcome center for information in this strange site

RLC Classic: We have some good information HERE, if you can’t find the information there check out our forums HERE.

RLC 2.0: We have a help site HERE. If you can’t find the information you are looking for their try the forums HERE.


how to delete landmark

RLC Classic: You first click the tab landmarks at the top of your screen, hover over the landmark you want to delete. Right click and hit the delete button

RLC 2.0: To delete landmarks, under the gear for preferences, hold down ctrl and click on the landmark url you wish to delete.


I am trying to log in the game and its telling me to use new patch to update. Can I get some help?

If you are having any technical difficulties, please contact technical support here:

techsupport@redlightcenter.com or file a ticket at http://supportclassic.redlightcenter.com/support/home or http://support.redlightcenter.com/support/home


Previously Answered

Can you make dances and hugs for greenies? They should have something to do on RLC.

"Are all patches now for rlc 2.0 as the new ones don’t seem to list in rlc

That is correct. Development of RLC Classic stopped a while ago, so you will not see any new patches for that system unless there is an absolute emergency. We will still continue to provide support for RLC Classic, just no new development."

I am an UVIP member, but I am no longer able to change bots I created. Is there something wrong?

“Thank you for your patience regarding the issues with the bots and clothing. We apologize that the issue continued, and I will be sure to not make any ‘lame’ jokes about it – the fact of the matter is simple. RLC Classic’s code is very old, and difficult to work with – we change what is thought to be one thing, and it ripples through the system, affecting more things – like when you hit your elbow and your fingers go a little tingly.

We’ve mentioned why working with the Classic client is difficult. If this occurrence hasn’t shown again why, it is unclear how it can be shown that the RLC Classic Code is painful to work with, update, and repair.”


If you are having issues with the bots, please reach out to Tech Support at techsupport@redlightcenter.com or file a ticket at http://supportclassic.redlightcenter.com/support/home or http://support.redlightcenter.com/support/home