Sex in Bed

You can invite a partner to have sex in any sex-enabled area

Click a sex-enabled area to start 

Right click your partner and invite them to start sex (or they can just click the bed with you)

A menu will open in your action bar with different positions. Click to the strokes tab to toggle through different strokes within that position.

You can also toggle through sex animations through the actions menu on the right hand side of your screen.

Standing Sex

  • You can invite another person to have standing sex. To invite other player to standing sex follow these steps
  • Right click on the persona you want to ask
  • Click on "Invite to Standing Sex"
  • If they accept it, your standing sex idle animations will start playing

Another way is 
  • Under the abilities menu/Adult there is a standing sex action you can put on your action bar.
  • Once the action is on your action bar, left click a persona and press the action
  • If they accept your standing sex idle animations will start playing