There are three different ways to interact with the environment and the people within it; the action bar, right click, and left click.

Action Bar

Your action bar is displayed at the bottom right of the Curio window. You can position this bar anywhere you like on the screen by clicking the left pad on the mouse and then dragging. The cursor has to be positioned to the far left of the bar to move it (the cursor will turn into a directional icon).

To add emotes, dance moves and sex actions, Click the + boxes. An Actions list will slide out from the right when you do so. You can drag your favourite actions to empty slots in your action bar, then use them any time by clicking them. You can also use Hot Keys to activate these actions. They go in order from left to right; pressing 1 will activate the first action from the left, 2 will activate the second from the left, 3 will activate the third from the left, and etc.

Out of action slots? Click the up and down arrows to the left of your action bar to view more sets of slots. There are a total of ten sets of ten slots for you to use. If you run out of slots, you can replace actions by dragging a new action to that slot.

Some special dance moves can only be accessed on certain types of dance floors, or by taking drugs. Explore different places and substances to see if you can find them all!

Right Click

Right click on an object and if a drop down menu appears, you can interact with it. Choose from the list to see what happens. Remember to stand relatively close as distance does matter.

Left Click

If you hover over an object and the cursor turns into a hand, it means you can interact with it. Left click on these objects to see what happens. Remember to stand relatively close as distance does matter.