The Property Manager is where you can go to buy real estate and manage your worlds and purchased regions.


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Where can I find the Property Manager? 

The property Manager can be opened by clicking the house icon in the top menu bar.

Why does it keep telling me to create a world? 

Your world won't be created until you buy a property! Once you've claimed a property, you will no longer be prompted to create a world.

What's the difference between BungleBerry Apartment and  BungleBerry Apartment (free)? 

You can have one free apartment! Once you've claimed it, if you'd like any more BungleBerries you'll have to purchase the one that isn't free.

What rent periods are available?

We're starting out with a weekly rent period, that way you have plenty of flexibility when it comes to keeping your property open. Going away on vacation? Just let it lock for a week and pay your rent to open it again when you get back!

Only 1 apartment? What happened to the other regions?

We want all properties to look great and be functional and some of the old properties just weren't quite perfect. We'll be updating with new regions soon, so stay tuned!

How To Buy Property

  • Click the house icon to open Property Manager
  • Click Create World
  • Continue to the next section
  • Select a property category from the left or enter a search term <em>(right now there's only one so click Zaby)

If you'd like a live preview of a property, click the eye icon in the lower right of the property listing. You will be transported to the showroom.

When you've decided which property you want, click the shopping cart icon on its listing to add it to your cart. You can add more properties to your cart if you'd like to buy more than one.

When you're ready to purchase your property, click the Checkout button. Voila! You now own property!

Managing Properties

You can manage your property settings any time. Just click the house icon to open the Property Manager.

Add Property

Click the add property bar to open the Property Mall so you can preview and purchase more real estate

Visit Property

Click the travel icon to be transported to your property. You can also type the address into the address bar. Your address will be vww:// For example if your persona is MrUnicorn and your URL alias is scene1, it would look like vww://

Edit Settings: 

Click the gear icon to edit property settings like the apartment name, URL Alias, and basic permissions.

  • Apartment Name: the title for your apartment (for example, BungleBerry Apartment) 
  • URL alias: the part at the end of your property's VWW link (for example, scene1)
  • Permissions: who can enter your property? Public lets anyone enter, private means only you can enter, and friends will allow only the people on your friends list to enter.