Red Light Center Working Girls & Guys (WGs) are RLC members who offer virtual sex sessions to other members. WGs can offer basic sessions using sex animations and text chat, or they can offer enhanced sessions with voice, webcam, and/or fetish services. Red Light Center welcomes WGs of all genders and sexual orientations.

 You can identify a WG by the red WG badge over their head in-world, or you can search for WGs in the Browse the WG Directory.

Where are the WGs in Red Light Center?

WGs are approved to solicit in general chat in Bareback Bordello, and through private messages in Night Candy, Night Stick, Passions,

How Do I Become a WG?

Check out the RLC Classic info on becoming a WG here in the RLC WG Wiki. To get your WG badge transferred to RLC 2.0, please email

A more RLC 2.0 specific article will be written once the new WG features are more developed.