Broadcast Announcements

Server broadcast messages appear as purple text notifications in the chat window.

Region Change

When you successfully enter a new region you will receive a yellow text notification in the chat window.

Rays Transfer

When Rays are transferred to or from your account you will receive a yellow text notification in the chat window.

Server Restart Notification

Very often in the middle of a server restart (or fail) features, objects and actions can appear broken. To notify you when the connection to the server is lost we’ve added a Server Restart notification. If you see this notification, please be patient while the connection is repaired. Once you are reconnected, everything should work fine again.

Action Requests/Friend Requests

When someone sends you an action request (kiss, hug, sex, private lap dance, offers a drink, etc), you'll see a notification pop-up in the bottom right hand corner. You can Accept or Deny from this message screen. If you miss a Friend Request, you’ll still see a number on the Friends Icon above indicating how many Friend Requests you have waiting. You can open up the Friends Menu, click on the Requests Tab, and right click to Accept or Deny.

Action Prohibited

An action that is not prohibited in a certain zone will appear as a Yellow Notification in the Local Chat.


As a Basic Member (non-VIP), you are limited in what you can do. For actions you are not allowed to do, but VIPs are allowed to (sex, transfer rays, get naked, etc), you will see a Yellow Notification in the Local Chat.