You can create clothing and upload it to Red Light Center! You can keep your creations for your own personal use, gift them to other members, or add them to the marketplace for sale.

To get started you’ll need:

The Clothing Designer Kit, which you can get here.

Editing software. A couple examples:

Pixlr is free and allows you to edit 2D textures. It does not have a way to preview your texture on a 3D model use it online here

Photoshop will allow you to edit your 2D textures. It costs money but allows for a lot of editing detail get it here

Blender is free ( get it here) and allows you to preview your texture on a 3D model so you can see exactly how it will look in-world. You can find a great set of tutorials for beginners 

Maya costs money but is recommended for viewing textures on 3D models ( get it here)

An RLC 2.0 Account ( click here if you don’t have one)

Using the references and files in the Designer Kit you can create detailed custom textures of your own to apply to existing meshes.

Uploading to RLC  

  • Once you’ve created the perfect texture for your clothing item, you can upload it into the 3D world.
  • Log in to the persona you’d like to add the item with
  • Click the clothing creation button (looks like a 'button' in the upper left menu bar) 

Choose A Mesh

  • Select the model your item will be used on (this example uses the female model)
  • Select the mesh your texture will be applied to (this example uses HF_Fullbody_Formfitting)
  • Click the next button (looks like a right arrow)

Material Editor

  • Select what type of shader to use. The default is ‘Bump Spec’ which allows you to add a texture that creates a bumpy surface on your clothing. You can learn a little more about the types and their parameters in
  • Select the colour for your shader
  • Add your texture
  • Select how shiny your texture will be
  • Select the SpecColor – this is the colour that catches your item when light hits it.
  • Offset and scale your texture as needed
  • Click the next button


  • Give your item a name
  • If you’d like to keep a copy in your inventory, check ‘Yes’ under ‘Add to Inventory?’ otherwise check ‘No’
  • If you’d like to sell your item, check ‘Yes’ under ‘List Item in Mall’ otherwise check ‘No’
  • Click ‘Take Thumbnail’ to grab a snapshot of your item
  • If you’ve chosen to sell your item, you can enter the price you’d like to charge for it and a description that members will read in the mall
  • Click the save button <em>(looks like a floppy disk in the bottom right)

You can edit your clothing later by accessing the clothing creation menu, selecting your item and clicking the edit button (looks like a pencil and paper). If your item has been listed for sale in the mall, you will be able to edit the title and price any time from the edit menu.