To use Scene Addons from the Scene Editor menu, after opening Scene Editor, select Scene from the Menus, and click the ‘+’ sign. There will be menu popup to choose the addon attachment. Select one from the list, and click ‘Create’

Scene Editor Addons

Custom Light

Adds a light in the scene


Allows user to land in a designated area upon entering the region

Background music

Plays a music stream that can be customized


Adds a plane with a water shader on it.


Adds a sky, and an abundance of customizable features, most notably a Day/Night cycle.

Camera: Depth of Field

Changes the Depth of Field for the camera in the region

Camera: Tone Mapping

It's a form of color correction

Trigger Volume

Adds a generic volume that can be used to add a script or trigger to for interactions For more information on Trigger Volumes Visit here

Dance Area

Creates a volume used with dancing scripts, like Idle Dancing Animation

Falling Leaves Effect

Creates a small flurry of leaves that gracefully float downwards

Adds a bartender to the scene, you are able to customize the clothing colour/texture of the bartender.

To use the Prop Object Addons, you’ll need the prop listed under the Selection menu. There will be a gear on the right of the object – when it is clicked, a menu with ‘Add Addon’ and ‘Remove Addon’ will open. Selecting ‘Add Addon’ will give the following options. Same as with Scene Addon, select an addon, and click ‘Create’

Prop Object Addons


adds the seating script to an object, along with a dummy that can be used to position the sit animation.


Adds the water shader to an object


Adds a volume as a child to the selected object

Dance Area

Adds a dance area as a child to the selected object

Sex Script

Adds an adult engagement script to the object

Male Sexbot

Adds a male sexbot to the object

Female Sexbot 

Adds a female sexbot to the object

3 types of colliders, Capsule, Sphere, and Box. Apply them to the object scale to preferred size.

Adds Teleport to a trigger volume, set the destination and the start point that’s in your destination. For more information on Teleport click here