Open the avatar customization menu by clicking the hanger icon at the top of the Curio window. Play with the various options to create the perfect avatar for you. Don’t forget to save your changes!

Preview Panel

  • Hold the left mouse button and drag left and right to turn your avatar
  • Hold the left mouse and drag up and down to tilt your avatar
  • Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out
  • Hold the right mouse button and drag up and down to move your avatar up and down

Body Shape, Skin & Hair Color

Click the body icon to open the body customization panel. It is the top icon to the left of the panel. From here you can select the section of the body you want to edit (head, torso, legs, full body) then use the sliders or enter a number value in the subsections to adjust your features. You can also change your skin, hair and eye color from this panel.

Hair, Clothing & Accessories

The second tab from the top (looks like a shirt) is where you can choose your clothing. Select the type of clothing you’d like to try (hair, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories) then click an item to try it on. Click 'Save' to apply the changes.

Save an Outfit

Click the icon that looks like an arrow to enter your outfit name then click ‘Save.’

Saved Outfits

Click the fourth icon from the top to access the saved outfits panel. This allows you to save your favourite outfits and quickly load them later. This tool only saves your clothing, not your body shape.

Load an Outfit

Click the folders icon to view saved outfits. Select an outfit to preview it then click ‘Save’ to apply it to your avatar.

Buy Clothing, Hair and Attachments

Click the $ icon (bottom) to see what’s available in the mall. You can select categories to narrow down your search. There is also a Search Bar that will allow you to search attire by Title or Creator Name. If you click on the Creator Name, all items created by that person will be displayed within that category. You can hover over a selected item to see a preview of it (the preview will only show if you hover the mouse over the picture of the item).

Shopping Cart & Try Before You Buy

To buy an item from the Mall, you’ll need to add it to your Shopping Cart. You can do this by clicking on the + sign on the cart to the far right of the item. You’ll see the thumbnail picture of the item fly into your shopping cart and a number will display indicating how many items you have in your cart. If you already own the item, a notification will let you know you already own it. The cart is located in the bottom right side of the mall.

Clicking on the picture of a item will preview the item on the right hand side of the mall. When you want to to check out you are able to look through and edit the cart to make any changes. If you are content with the cart that you have and wish to purchase the items, click on the button on the bottom right hand of the screen. The button will have the cost of your purchase. There will be a confirm button that says "Buy Now" and is flashing red, clicking the "Buy Now" button finalize the sale.

If you'd like to delete a purchased item from your inventory, just click the little red X on the item.

Click the mini-avatar in the upper right corner of the screen. You can remove articles of clothing individually by clicking that area of the mini's body. To put clothes back on, just click that area of the mini's body again.