If you already have a VWW account:

If you have a VWW account that uses the same email as your legacy U/VIP account, you can log in using your VWW account credentials.

*If you already have Curio installed, make sure you have the production version installed to receive the latest fixes and updates. The production version desktop icon and start menu button will just say ‘Curio,’ the QA version will say ‘Curio QA’

If you do not have a VWW account:

  • Visit http://www.redlightcenter.com/closedbeta
  • Submit the email associated with your legacy account
  • Check for the verification email in your email inbox (If you don’t receive an email, please contact (techsupport@virtualworldweb.com)
  • Follow the link to create a password. You will be directed to a new page once this is done
  • Download and install the Curio browser*
  • Open Curio and log in. You can now create a persona and enter the new Red Light Center

Launching Curio

To use Curio, double click the Curio icon on your desktop. You may also be able to find it in your start menu.

When the browser starts it may take a few minutes to install the latest updates. You can monitor its progress on the loading page.

Logging In

Once the browser has installed the latest updates you will be prompted to log in.

Type your VWW account email and password in the correct fields. and press ‘Login’ to enter your home world.

If you’d like Curio to remember your password, check the ‘Save Password’ button

If you’d like to skip the login process whenever you open Curio, check the ‘Keep me logged in’ button. 

This is NOT recommended if you are on a public or shared computer because anyone with access to your browser

could then have access to your account. If you change your mind later you can log out using the settings menu.

Browser Bar

Curio works the same way as any other browser; you can type or paste links into the address bar and the browser will navigate you to that page or virtual place.

The unique thing about Curio though is that it can display virtual regions as well as regular web pages.

Virtual regions can be accessed using links that begin with the special vww:// protocol (like vww://redlightcenter.com/street)

Web pages can be accessed using regular http:// protocol links (like http://redlightcenter.com)

You can use your back button to return to the previous region or webpage at any time.

You can click the home button to return to your start region at any time.


Just like other browsers, Curio allows tabbed browsing. Your home (or first) tab will always be a virtual place, but any additional tabs can be used to access websites or other virtual places without having to open another browser.


The settings menu can be accessed by clicking the gear shaped icon at the upper right corner of the Curio window.