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VIP and designer kit

I'm not a vip member in the classic rlc. I am a vip member of rlc 2.0.  I have 600 rays in rlc 2.0 how can I send my rays in to get the designer kit without being a vip of the classic rlc?

HI, late reply but no one else has replied (bit of a ghost town....). I don't know if VIP status has anything to do with it or not but if you use the Link Account button at top menu in RLC 2 and then got to My Account at top left in RLC 2, you can transfer funds. 

I did that but I was a VIP in RLC1 so may be different.

Solution home Red Light Center 2 Knowledge Base Textures, Meshes and Designer Kit Designer Kit Modified on: Mon, 19 Sep, 2016 at 11:26 AM You only need a license for a character model if you are planning to create clothing meshes or you would like to have a copy for working with skins. If you’re only interested in re texturing existing meshes, you can get by with the Clothing Designer Kit http://www.virtualworldweb.com/downloads/DesignerKit_Clothing.zip The cost of the character model pack is 600 rays. Re-distribution of these models to other users is <strong>strictly prohibited</strong>. ONLY those who purchased their own model licenses will be granted special tools for uploading clothing meshes into the system. So please be responsible and don’t share the models with other users. However everyone will have access to the skin as part of the clothing designer. You can upload your textures into the system through the Clothing Creator tool (a “Button” icon at the top menu). To apply for a character pack please follow these steps: Send your payment to the http://www.redlightcenter.com/net/profile/RayTransfer.aspx?MemberID=95454979 UVBizLicensees Social Center profile: 600 rays for the character pack that contains both male and female models + bones and skinning and blend shapes Send an email to Buisness@redlightcenter.com to notify us that you have made your payment Once we receive your email and confirm your payment, you will receive instructions back on how to proceed

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