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Kill the bugs?

So sad about how bugs never seem to get fixed, or take so long to fix that we lose so many players and friends over them. Overall Curio is my home and where I prefer to be, but the way its handled from a development standpoint feels like its totally the red headed step child and its parents have abandoned it.


well not only your friends, but me too, I have been hacked thru the game and not only that I cant get back into it. I am somewhat unable to fix nor reinstall the game cause of the holes they have in their security, have you not checked that there are more that 10 sites that gives out cheat codes to be VIP members in an instant without having to be a novice player ? well I have seen it and it is a fact that "OLD" VIP members has somehow "Posted their VIP status code to be used by new players to cheat their ways to the top spot"  I love the game and I was going to be promoted to VIP status and my files has been deleted from that very sight from an unknown source because I leveled up 0 to 27 in friendship and 32  in sexiness in just 3 days ;)   hee hee hee. well anyways I hope they fix the game in time for the special events that starts this Saturday,.. Okies , ciao and good luck to you.

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